Hello everyone!

I’m Amber – 27 years old and attempting to navigate my way though this twisted/tangled life as a confused, travel-loving, adventure-seeking, twentysomething female.

I like:

  • North flowing rivers
  • Impromptu trips
  • Cozy coffee shops
  • Everything Wisconsin – Packers. Cheese Curds. Beer. Old Fashions. Trees.
  • Accents and languages
  • Random acts of kindness
  • Maps
  • Trying new foods
  • My mom

This blog was originally a space where I wrote about feelings of confusion upon graduating college, but thanks to amazing readers like you I was inspired to regularly produce content while living in Australia in 2016 for a number of platforms.

For whatever reason I took a hiatus from publishing my writing, and instead journaled to myself throughout my adventures in New Zealand and Southeast Asia in the years that followed.

The blog is meant to show that it is absolutely possible to live a happy life full of travel despite whatever your scenario may look like today.  We all have different paths, and one cookie cutter way of how one’s life should be lived does not exist.

On here you’ll find

  • Travel resources
  • Personal reflections
  • Wilderness therapy insight
  • Au pair advice
  • Links to other great blogs

and if you end up being a little inspired along the way, even better!

What am I up to now? Check out this post to get you up to speed. Thanks for stopping by!


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