It’s Been a Minute

Okay, more like 3 years. And I don’t know where to start. But I will start here – by describing where I was exactly 3 weeks ago.

I’m somewhere I never imagined I’d be.

It’s Monday. My eyes glaze over a 21” desktop that rests on a stack of patio paver brochures. I hear middle-aged salesmen discuss god-knows-what across the hallway. The taste of cold, disgusting Burger King coffee lingers on my tongue. The stench of the bathrooms below wafts through the vent straight into the office I call mine. I feel as if all energy and has been sucked out of my pores.

Rewind 3 weeks more. The date is March 12th – by no means a significant date in my life. During my morning commute I come to the realization that 4 years ago I was in Paris, 3 years ago – Australia, 2 years ago – New Zealand, and a year ago – Cambodia. Upon this series of flashbacks I take my exit, head north towards work, and verbalize, “What THE FUCK am I doing here?”

And by “here” I don’t only mean my job – it’s honestly not that bad. The people are good-hearted, down to earth Midwesterners who make me laugh day in and day out. I could complain about my duties (how unchallenging and boring they are), but that would do no good because, ultimately, it’d be my fault for settling. Sure, there’s opportunity for growth, but do I really want to exert my full effort towards meeting the company’s sales goals? Not what I would call fulfilling.

You see, I am on auto-pilot these days. I drive the same roads I grew up on. I work 8 to 4:30 and watch the clock; my countdown for the weekends begins at 8:01 on Monday mornings. It’s time for a change.

It’s present day again Monday, April 22nd.

I’ve learned a lot since returning to Wisconsin a year ago. It’s been 12 months of transition, and I can honestly say I’ve appreciated every stage. I’ve confirmed my family is what matters most to me, reconnected with friends, grown as a professional, and taken a few getaways. I’ve also met someone prettyyy special who’s helped me through it all 😉 I feel quite lucky.

From a societal perspective I’m in the “real world” now. I’ve got a steady job, a vehicle, and my own apartment. But the truth of the matter is that I am only living in a tiny, sheltered bubble of the real world. I felt much more apart of it when I was pushed out of my comfort zone and challenging myself daily in past years abroad.

It’s time to feel that way again.

Today I turn 27. Sounds like a great day for a new adventure.

I’m happy to share I’m about to hit the road for my first shift as a Wilderness Field Instructor at New Vision Wilderness Therapy.  Originally what I wanted to do upon graduation from Lawrence, Wilderness Therapy is an alternative approach to helping individuals with mental illnesses, addictions, etc. cope and heal by means of a nature-based setting. While it took me a bit longer to get here than anticipated, the 4 year detour was 110% worth it. Stoked to start this next chapter and thanks for your support!


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