Full Force Fling

Okay, it’s more than a fling at this point, but the title is just fun to say. Remember that post about how I met a guy? If you refresh your memory you’ll see that I was unsure if I’d ever see him again after our farewell at the Rockhampton Airport.

Well, I can happily say that we have since furthered our relationship. So much so that we’ve met up twice in the past 6 weeks despite living 8 hours away from each other. The first time in a city called Toowoomba where we rented a cabin for the weekend, and the second, a trip up to Cairns to – gasp – meet his family.

Overall, the trip in Cairns went really well. On the flight there I was feeling a little nauseous; still not sure if that was my nerves kicking in or because I was in recovery mode after a night out in The Valley. I should also note that the flight felt a bit strange seeing as I was making the exact same journey I had done exactly two weeks ago with my mom on her visit. I never once thought I’d be returning to the beautiful place that is Far North Queensland. Obviously this was going to be a different experience though. Sitting out on the patio chatting and drinking was sure to replace cruises out to the reef and exotic walks through the rainforest, but I was actually quite excited about it.

After he picked me up from the airport we did what Australians tend to do more often than not and headed for the pub. After a couple we ventured to his mom’s house. On the way there I recall thinking how different the first encounter with his mom would be compared to the first time I met his dad down in Rockhampton. After all, that was the night I skinny dipped and lost my clothes, only to have his dad come to the rescue by giving me a jacket to cover myself up with. Safe to say I was looking to make a better first impression on his mom!

Upon entering the house I was given a warm welcoming mom hug followed by something along the lines of, “Now make yaself at home and grab anything ya need, that way I don’t have to worry about takin care of ya.” She also rattled off a choice of at least five different alcoholic beverages I could choose from and took her bra off, so at this point I was feeling anything but nervous, being in my natural habitat.

His younger brother was super sweet, his sister beautiful, smart, and caring, but I think his uncle stole the show, for I found myself constantly laughing at his one of a kind sense of humor. His partner was absolutely wonderful as well, and I truly enjoyed the extra time spent with them and how hospitable and welcoming they were towards me. I even got to watch home videos of the little turd!

Our original plan was to take a 12 hour road trip along the coast to Rocky, however after making it a measly 80 kilometers we broke down and sat on the side of the road for 5 hours while we waited for a tow from his uncle. Waiting on the roadside for over 5 hours with most individuals is not how I’d usually pick to spend a day. However, with a calm breeze, colorful butterflies, rolling hills, Cheese and Bacon Shapes, music, a swag, and a deck of cards all in a shady spot with good company… I’d do this day over again in a heart beat. I will also take away a quote from his mom regarding the situation: “If things always went as planned in life, we wouldn’t have any stories to tell.” So true right?! And definitely a good outlook to have when things don’t go our way.

We had one last night together before I flew back here to Brisbane early the next morning. Since being back I’ve met lots of new people and seen some amazing places. I also have some pretty great weekend trips lined up here for the next few weeks, but I’m looking forward to the next time I get to see my favorite Aussie 🙂



5 thoughts on “Full Force Fling

  1. Okay so that was a little harsh. Sorry. And it was meant in a joking manner. But I do absolutely miss you like crazy and can’t wait to have you home, hopefully for a long time. A moms prerogative I guess.

    Love your blog posts. Love you beautiful lady!!!!

    Love, Mom 😘

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