My 3 Week Fling With An Aussie From the Bush

I’ll start by saying sorry not sorry Mom for already breaking your two rules laid out for me during my Australian adventure: cliff jumping and meeting a man. This post is about the latter.

I’ll refer to him as B. B is 23 just like me, and lives about a 25 minute drive into the bush from my old host family’s house on a thousand acre ranch. B’s a ringer, who just so happened to be off of work for a while due to his seasonal line of work. He’s a little rough around the edges, but with quotes like, “anyone can take a sheila to dinner the night before, but it takes a real man to cook a woman breakfast the next morning” how bad could he be?

It was a bit strange that I took a bit of a liking to him, seeing as not a single guy has sparked my interest in over three years. Safe to say I felt nervous and my attempt at flirting was a complete joke because I was a bit rusty. However, I knew I only had three weeks before moving to Brisbane so I figured why not just go for it?! And I am SO GLAD I was as fearless as I was because I have had more fun the past three weeks than I have in a long time.

Some highlights include:

  • tubing and taking the boat out in Mount Morgan.
  • countless drives in his ute (AKA pickup) down windy backroads with windows down and country music setting the mood.
  • riding the quad (4 wheeler) around his property with his dogs. Beers in hand made this even better.
  • eating the delicious meals he cooked for me and trying new foods (mud crab being my favorite).
  • swimming in creeks and mayyybe a skinny dip session here or there.
  • shooting guns off on his property. I was awful.
  • lounging around on a lazy sunday simply enjoying each others’ presence
  • “clubbing” the Rockhampton way and getting him to dance.
  • sleeps in the bed of his ute… in a swag… by the fire… under the stars.
  • learning a bit about dingos, boars, kangaroos, snakes, crabs, dogs, cows, and geckos. Drop bears aren’t real by the way.
  • attempting to learn to drive stick in his ute. After informing him that guys at home don’t usually let girls drive their trucks he responded with, “good thing I drive a ute.”
  • mustering, tagging, and branding cattle. Okay, for this one I was just a spectator, but still amazing!
  • finally understanding some bush slang. Although I’m convinced I could spend the rest of my life in Australia and still be confused.

So yeah, basically I had a kick ass time. The whole situation kinda put me through an emotional whirlwind. I usually hate texting or calling people, but it was different with B. And I can’t explain why.  It felt good to feel wanted and to have someone who genuinely cared. I could be wrong about the way he felt about me, and he sure as shit could have just thought of me as the American with the accent; I guess I don’t really know. However he felt, I am appreciative that he always treated me well and was a gentleman.

My time with B came to an end as we said our goodbyes at the security check-in at the Rockhampton airport this past Saturday. I planned on taking a taxi to the airport, but he insisted he wanted to see me off. Of course I cried, so that was a bit embarrassing, but I think he was pretty sad too. I’m not sure if I’ll ever see him again, but I do know that I’ll never forget him, his lifestyle, or how nicely he treated me.  I also don’t exactly know what our little romantic fling was, but I do know that I had three amazing weeks with my him that I’ll always have to look back on and smile.

Of course, pics or it didn’t happen right…? Well hopefully this video suffices. I think I did a half way decent job considering the guy hates getting his picture taken. WARNING: way too cheesy for anyones liking

*Audio: Til It’s Over by Old Dominion

One thought on “My 3 Week Fling With An Aussie From the Bush

  1. […] Make new friends. This may not seem that important if you have a solid support system from home, but for me it made all the difference. I was fortunate enough to meet two Scottish au pairs who helped me through the entire process. They reassured me that what was being expected of me was not normal, and the weekend I turned in my notice they took me out and offered support while still managing to take my mind off of things. Okay, that miiiight have been the alcohol distracting me from the situation, but you get the idea! Kim and Siobahn, if you ladies read this, please know you’re amazing, and I am forever thankful for all you did for me. I also managed to meet some pretty kick ass aussie guys that I spent the majority of my last three weeks with. They gave me a taste of what life out in the bush is like,  and they did their country proud. I might even had a ~ romantic fling ~ with one of them that you can read about here. […]


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