18 Thoughts I Have When Flying Los Angeles to Brisbane

I made it to Australia! And honestly, the flight was not as godawful as I was anticipating it to be. I’m currently at the Brisbane airport waiting to board my fourth and final flight to Rockhampton before I finally meet my girls and the family. Three flights down and one to go. Despite my trip going rather smooth so far, inevitable thoughts definitely crept into my brain while on board the 14 hour flight. Please tell me I’m not alone in these?

  1. We take off in four minutes and there is no one in the middle seat to my left. God please keep it this way. (*girl sits down one minute before take off*)
  2. Aussie accents over the loudspeaker?! Don’t get too excited Amber, you have 14 hours on this plane before you actually get there.
  3. There is actually a decent movie selection on the screen on the seat back. If I watch two movies and watch three episodes of Keeping Up With The Kardasians I’ll only have 7 hours of flight time left.
  4. When the heck do we get fed?
  5. I really need to strategize when to take this sleeping pill my mom gave me.
  6. Are these compression socks doing anything besides making my feet feel like they’re on fire?
  7. Will it look disturbing if I put my pillow on the tray and sleep with my mouth open while facing the girl next to me?
  8. How the hell was I sleeping in that position?
  9. Will I choose aisle over window seat next flight? Like really, is having the window to lean on worth how painfully awkward it is to ask the two people next to me to move when I need to pee?
  10. This Aussie next to me has said “no worries” five times in just three minutes of conversing. I hope they are all this nice.
  11. I wonder how much leg room first class has upstairs?
  12. I can’t charge my phone in Brisbane because I left my converter in my checked bag. I’m screwed.
  13. Holy shit this plane is massive.
  14. When do we get fed again?
  15. I really should have gotten the seasonal fruit instead of the scrambled eggs, sausage, and bacon for breakfast.
  16. I think these compression socks might actually be helping.
  17. I can’t wait to lay horizontally.
  18. Holy cow were are landing! I am landing in Australia!!!

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