Why I Decided to Become an Au Pair and Move to Australia

It’s official now. The contract is signed, my visa has been granted, and my flight is booked. I am going to Australia in a little over a month!

For those of you who have read my post about Burning the Five Year Plan, skip to the list. For those of you who haven’t read it and perhaps feel like you’re alone in not knowing what you want or what to do in your twenties, feel free to read it. It will make you feel better about yourself and maybeee even inspire you a bit.

So, why did I decide to become an au pair? I have decided to be an au pair because:

  1. I was bit by the travel bug and long to see more of this earth

    In the Fall of 2012 I got on a plane in Green Bay, WI and flew to Heathrow airport to spend a term studying in London. I was naive, scared, and irresponsible. So irresponsible that I lost my wallet consisting of cash, credit cards, and my social security card on The Tube within my first 3 days of being there. Don’t ask me why I was carrying my SSC… I was that clueless. The London Underground makes more than 24 million journeys daily, and I somehow managed to have an angel turn in my wallet with all of its contents that I picked up at the Lost Property Office 2 weeks later. After that hiccup I was well on my was to falling in love with travel. I came to adore London and managed to visit Scotland, Wales, Greece, Italy, and Ireland throughout my term abroad. Wanderlust has been a real thing for me ever since.

  2. I love kids

    Growing up I was the oldest of 5. I have a step sister who is 8 years older than me that I only see once every two years, so, no offense Crista, but I don’t really count you. A big part of my life was spent entertaining my younger siblings and doing my best to be a positive role model for them. I also did a ton of babysitting throughout high school, and throughout college I worked as a nanny and had several other jobs that revolved around kids. I love this aspect of my life. Being surrounded by youth is inspiring, liberating, and just plain fun.

  3. I want to get to know myself better

    I feel like I know myself pretty well for a 23 year-old. However, there is so much that I do not know that I am eager to discover. While I am working as an au pair I will have lots of time off. I basically have from 9 until 2:30 everyday and most weekends free to do whatever I please. I’m hoping to use some of this time to pursue new hobbies, write, and soak in simplicity.

  4. I don’t have any other plans that I want to do right now

    Being an au pair has been on my radar for a while ever since graduating college. That being said, searching for “a real job” didn’t really happen. So if I didn’t go to Australia, I don’t know what I would do instead. I’m hoping to have more of an idea upon my return to the states.

  5. Nothing is holding me back

    No boyfriend, no grad school, no dream job, no health issues, no bills. Of course I have my family, best friends, and work friends that I am going to miss dearly. I also have kick ass concerts, annual festivals, and special events that I am going to miss out on. My brother graduates college, my little sister turns the much anticipated “21,” my best friend plans her wedding, my dad goes through his second divorce… the list goes on. However, these people love and support me so much that they would rather have me pursue my dreams than stick around for such happenings.

  6. I found a kick ass family. **UPDATE** This did not end up to be the case. See this post for what went down.

    A badass prison guard dad and a hip and hilarious mom with an amazing parenting approach. Two charming, adorable little girls. Weekends off, my own car, free room and board, plenty of sunshine. Which leads me to my last point…

  7. Location, location, location

    Warm weather, beaches, Great Barrier Reef.  Need I say more? Okay… Fresh cuisine, beer, rugby guys, aussie accents. You get the point.

No worries, mate. I got this! I leave in January and could not be more excited!


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